Our values


Expository preaching shares the heart of the message of God. We are a body that endeavors to be continually shaped by the Bible where God reveals Himself, for, it is not just what we believe, but whom we believe. So the reason of knowing the Word of God is to know the God of the Word; His character, His will, and the Gospel message.

True biblical teaching and doctrine leads to knowing God and loving devotion to Him [worship]. Knowing God’s mercy and love motivates our worship, as we apply spiritual truth we turn it into praise bringing glory to God. We are all about worship, not style but object of worship.


Believing, trusting, and obeying the Bible gives us answers to daily problems. Submitting to God’s Word leads us toward  progressively becoming more like Him, and since we have died with Christ we are to now live for Him. 

As we respond in faith by placing Christ above everything else in our life we are eternally changed by the Gospel, both inwardly and outwardly.  Crossway is committed to discipleship and helping our members experience the meaning of Christ's life, death and resurrection in their daily life.


True understanding of the Bible leads to godly living and service, for our salvation was not earned by good works but FOR good works. Christ-like maturity leads to our mission in word and deed as we love people.  Our heart is to make and equip disciples of all people in a community of spiritually dynamic friendships.

The goal of our life is to please and bring honor to God which requires true dedication not self serving but to the service of God in our sphere of influence and this world. Proclaiming  and demonstrating the Gospel through compassion and truth, bringing a concern for true wholeness and completeness, to bring people into relation with Christ.