Life groups at crossway

Life Groups are for people that have attended Sunday Worship or church events and want to connect more deeply

to others at Crossway and apply God’s truth to their life.  To find out more view our Q & A below:

Q & A

Q: What is the format of Life Groups?


They are open-invitation, short-term groups that run during the Fall and Spring with a break in the Winter and Summer. Groups gather between 90 minutes and 2 hours on a weekly basis; usually in someone’s home. There are three main parts to the group meeting:


   Hospitality time: Appetizers or Desserts over small talk.


   Discussion time: Sermon-based discussion to help you apply the Scriptures to your life.


   Prayer time: About 15 minutes devoted to care for one another through praying to God.


Q: Why does Crossway organize Life Groups? Isn’t that something just to keep people busy during the week? 


We organize Life Groups because relationships are the context of discipleship. Life Groups are part of our pathway to develop disciples of Jesus specifically through relationships at Crossway church.


There are two main goals of our Life Groups:



Through participating in a weekly Life Group, we are better connected to God through Scripture and prayer. We are also connected more deeply to other people through discussion and hospitality than we would be if we simply attended a Sunday Worship Service.




We care for one another through prayer, vulnerability, sharing resources, and compassionate truth-telling. Through the relationships formed in a Life Group, the needs of our church can be better met.


Q: How will people in Life Groups connect and care? Does something magical happen to me just by showing up?


Actually, this takes time, patience, and a plan. Meaningful relationships are forged, not found. Therefore, we encourage our people to follow this rhythm in their Life Group:


Study the Scriptures and Pray - Weekly

Play together - Monthly

Serve the Body - Quarterly

Q. How do I get started?

Life groups meet on various days and in various locations. The best way to connect is to contact a leader who can begin the process of helping you find a group. If you are ready send a note with your name and number to